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Upton is a Southern California based design studio that creates high-quality artwork and goods for the home. Established by artist and designer Michael Upton, Upton is founded on the belief that everyone should have the means to live with beauty every day. 

Producing work that lies somewhere in the realm of fine art and home décor, Upton’s pieces are approachable and affordable without sacrificing on quality.


For Michael, home is a sacred space in which we create memories with the people we love most. The role of art in the home should be to inspire feelings of creativity, joy, comfort, and love – not something to simply be framed and viewed from a distance.

Upton’s mission is to make quality artwork that people feel like they have a relationship with, and that they aren’t afraid to get close to or interact with. The goal is to create something that truly becomes a part of people’s lives.


Art, design, and quality are at the core of Upton’s studio. 

We only make what we love, putting thought and attention into the materials and production of each piece. We embrace the handmade and imperfect. We do this because it makes us happy.

Founder Michael Upton’s designs encompass printed artwork, homewares, fine art, and interior design, refusing to be constrained by a single discipline or process. With Upton, Michael has created a studio which allows for fluidity between genres and a multitude of mediums.