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Upton x Kelle Ramsey

Limited-edition series from Michael Upton and LA-based fashion and fine art photographer Kelle Ramsey. Shot on 120mm film and risograph printed, this collaboration combines Kelle’s photos of soft, subtle femininity with Upton’s bold use of composition and color.

Limited-Edition Series

Original series of 6 risograph prints, hand-signed and numbered by the artists and limited to 25 prints per color.
“My desire to create comes from an insatiable need to suspend the beauty and connection I see in the world. The female figure is a common theme in my work, and for this collaboration, I wanted to create an image that felt timeless." - Kelle Ramsey
When it came time to photograph the prints, Michael began by cutting out furniture, backdrops, and objects from magazines and collaging them together. Cutout photos of the prints were then placed into these “rooms” and shot by Kelle, resulting in a landscape of slightly warped dimensions and objects that don’t actually exist together in real life.

Risograph Printing

With risograph printing, each color is printed one at a time and layered on top of the others. For this series, a total of 3 were used: yellow, orange, and moss. The layering of these colors was broken out into 6 prints, each a variation of the possible color combinations. 

The final result is a series of limited-edition prints that are striking on their own or intrinsically harmonized when displayed as a set.