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Shipping/Handling or Return/Exchange questions?


    What makes Upton artwork unique?

    • All Upton artwork is created from the beginning as original pieces of art. They are not copies of an original, but each a hand-crafted, unique piece.
    • No two pieces are exactly alike.


    How is Upton artwork created?

    • Upton artwork is made by hand using museum quality materials and methods, created in our Vista, California studio and by craftsmen around the world.
    • This ensures that each piece is unique, original, and of lasting quality. 


    Can I purchase Upton artwork anywhere else?

    • Yes, we have selected a few quality retail partners who have Upton artwork available for sale. You can find them on our Stockists page.


    Will my artwork be signed by the artist?

    • Yes, all Upton limited-edition artwork will be hand signed and dated by the artist Michael Upton, or the guest artist.


    What will I need to hang my artwork?

    • Almost nothing! Our prints on canvas are designed to be hung easily with tacks, pushpins, or small nails. They weigh very little and can be hung almost anywhere.
    • Our paper prints can be hung using binder clips, or framed and hung traditionally. Hanging hardware is included with purchase of a frame.


    How is my artwork framed?

    • If you add a frame to your purchase, it will be hand framed in our slim and simple frame with the paper edges extending to the inside edge of the frame.


    Does Upton work with interior designers and art consultants?

    • Yes, we would love to work with you. Please contact us with your inquiry.