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Michael Upton x Nicholas Pourfard

Earth-Cast is a temporary exhibition of earthcasted works by designers Nicholas Pourfard and Michael Upton, for San Diego Design Week 2022.

The collaborative exhibition occupies the intimate space at Lang Books/Swish Projects features a series of experimental earthcasted pieces by Pourfard and Upton that showcase the intersection between human creativity and the forces of nature.
Working with a custom concrete recipe Pourfard and Upton created during the process, they then utilized the natural materials around them to modify thetextures of their castings - lining the dirt with palm leaves, bamboo, and wood. The result is a series of sculptural pieces made in collaboration with the two designers and with nature.

Pourfard and Upton attribute their interest in earthcasting to the surprises and surrender the process holds: “The earth influences the final form every single time in unexpected ways, creating textures and patterns all their own and that are impossible to fully control,”.